Apple Vision Pro – a long-term, industry-defining headset, or just (another) false hope for the XR industry?

Apple Vision Pro – a long-term, industry-defining headset, or just (another) false hope for the XR industry?

I know, I know – everyone is talking about the recent Apple announcement, and I am sure you have already read too many blog posts, LinkedIn articles and Tweets from thought leaders, industry experts, Apple fans and influencers alike. 


For sure, I have. 


BUT. It is big news, and has been eagerly anticipated, so it only makes sense that everyone and their aunt is talking about it. 


On the surface, it promises to be a game-changer in the industry.


Apple has a reputation for shaking things up and setting new industry standards. With their massive user base, top-notch hardware, and thriving app store, they have the potential to make spatial computing XR experiences truly immersive and seamless.


But hey, let’s not get carried away just yet. 


We’ve seen plenty of promises in the XR world fall flat on their faces. Past attempts at headsets and AR/VR devices have left us feeling underwhelmed and wondering if the hype was all for nothing.


Apple’s commitment to user experience could be a saving grace. Their obsession with design, intuitive interfaces, and flawless integration between hardware and software is legendary. If they can bring that same level of craftsmanship to XR, we might be in for something truly remarkable.


And let’s not forget about their ecosystem. Apple’s ability to tie everything together—iPhones, Macs, and other devices—could give XR the boost it needs to reach a wider audience. It’s worked like a charm for them in the past, so why not now?


But here’s the reality check: developing a groundbreaking XR headset is no piece of cake. It requires nailing the hardware, nailing the software, and having an abundance of captivating content. Apple needs to tackle challenges like high-resolution displays, comfortable form factors, and a library of mind-blowing XR experiences.


And it’s not just about Apple. They’ll need developers to jump on board and create killer apps and experiences that truly showcase the capabilities of Vision Pro. Lackluster content has held XR back in the past, and Apple has to prove they can crack this nut.


So, only time will tell if the Vision Pro becomes a long-term industry-defining headset or just another false hope in the XR landscape.

Pete Dunn

Braindance Group CEO

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