Booty shaking the fact that Xbox won’t be making games in VR

Booty shaking the fact that Xbox won’t be making games in VR

In a recent interview, Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Game Studios, said the VR and AR market is currently too small for the gaming giant to get involved in., 


No doubt it will be a move that has left many Xbox playing VR enthusiasts (and the wider VR community) scratching their heads and wondering about the future of virtual reality. 


So, let’s break it down and see what this means for the VR industry as a whole.


In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Booty candidly shared his views on the VR market, stating that it’s currently too small for Xbox to invest in. 


Now, before we jump to conclusions, it’s important to understand the reasoning behind this decision. From a business perspective, it makes sense for Xbox to focus its resources on areas that have a larger user base and demand. After all, they want to provide the best gaming experience to the widest audience possible.


In fact Booty suggested Xbox games need to reach around 10 million players to be successful.


“I think for us, it’s just a bit of wait until there’s an audience there,” he said. “We’re very fortunate that we have got these big IPs that have turned into ongoing franchises with big communities.


“We have 10 games that have achieved over 10 million players life-to-date, which is a pretty big accomplishment, but that’s the kind of scale that we need to see success for the game and it’s just, it’s not quite there yet with AR, VR.”


While some may view this news as a setback for VR, I see it as an opportunity, especially for smaller indie VR developers. 


With the gaming giant temporarily stepping back from the VR scene, and sales of the PSVR2 been more underwhelming than anything, there is still a chance for smaller players to step up and shine. 


Indie developers have always been the trailblazers, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new ideas. Now, more than ever, they have a chance to make their mark in the VR industry.


The VR market may not be as large as some would hope, but it’s far from stagnant. 


In fact, it’s a growing market, like I have said for years (and the irony of this is not lost on me) the industry is still very much in “Year Zero” – with an awful long way to go…


and as the hardware and software advances and becomes more accessible, its potential will continue to expand. Smaller developers who are willing to take risks and innovate have a golden opportunity to carve out their niche and capture the hearts of VR enthusiasts.


Moreover, the absence of major players like Xbox in the VR space could also lead to increased collaboration and partnerships within the industry. Smaller developers may come together, pooling their talents and resources to create compelling VR experiences that captivate audiences. These collaborations could foster a sense of camaraderie, driving the industry forward and fueling innovation.


Another factor to consider is that Xbox’s decision might incentivize other companies to double down on VR. As the saying goes, one company’s loss is another’s gain. This news could motivate other gaming giants or tech companies to seize the opportunity and invest in the VR market. Increased competition often breeds innovation, which could ultimately benefit VR enthusiasts and developers alike.


So, while Xbox’s stance on VR games might be disappointing for some, it’s essential to keep the bigger picture in mind. The VR industry is still in its early stages, and setbacks are to be expected. However, with determination and the creative energy of indie developers, virtual reality will continue to evolve and captivate audiences.


As gamers, we should remain optimistic about the future of VR. Embrace the experiences offered by smaller developers who pour their hearts and souls into creating unique VR adventures. Support their endeavors, provide feedback, and be vocal about your love for VR. Together, we can help shape the VR landscape and pave the way for a future where virtual reality becomes an integral part of gaming.


So, chin up, fellow VR enthusiasts! The journey ahead may have a few bumps, but the road to VR greatness is far from over. Keep your headsets on, your imaginations soaring, and let’s continue to explore the endless possibilities that virtual reality holds.

Pete Dunn

Braindance Group CEO

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