Minero: The VR Game That Makes Learning About Mineral Extraction Fun and Engaging

Minero: The VR Game That Makes Learning About Mineral Extraction Fun and Engaging

Minero VR Takes You on a Thrilling Adventure Through the National Museum of Technology in Warsaw.


Are you ready to take a journey to the heart of mineral extraction? Look no further than Minero, the thrilling virtual reality game developed by Braindance Studio for the National Museum of Technology in Warsaw. This innovative educational experience immerses players in the world of mineral extraction, taking them on a captivating adventure through the museum’s latest exhibitions – Sources of Civilisation’s Energy – the History of Fossil Fuels and Ignacy Łukasiewicz – the Pioneer of the Oil Industry.


With Minero, visitors can learn about the origins and history of energy sources, including the fascinating extraction techniques used throughout the ages. The exhibitions pay tribute to Ignacy Łukasiewicz, the inventor whose work led to the modern world’s dependence on oil. And all of this is achieved in a fun, engaging, and interactive way that will keep visitors entertained and educated.


The game begins with a heart-stopping landing sequence on an asteroid, where players are introduced to their virtual assistant, Buddy, who will guide them through the mission. The goal is to place an explosive charge in the center of the asteroid within 20 minutes, which is essential to prevent a collision course with Earth. As players navigate through the game, they’ll encounter various minerals that they’ll need to extract and learn interesting facts about each one.


Minero is a testament to the power of virtual reality as an educational tool. The museum provides VR headsets for players to fully experience the game, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the world of mineral extraction. The game is specifically designed to provide an interactive learning experience for visitors, and the result is a unique and innovative approach to learning about the world’s mining industry.


Despite stumbling upon some challenges during development, our team was successful in creating a captivating and realistic experience that adds to the educational value and excitement of the game. With its combination of education and entertainment, Minero is a valuable addition to the National Museum of Technology’s permanent exhibition.


Download the full case study to explore the exciting details and find out how Braindance Studio and the National Museum of Technology in Warsaw brought this innovative educational game to life.

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