How Custom Software Can Give You a Competitive Edge in the Coaching Industry 

How Custom Software Can Give You a Competitive Edge in the Coaching Industry 

Over the last few months I have seen a significant rise in the number of coaches, consultants, and educators who have engaged our services to build out various different software apps and tools. I’ve also noticed a similar trend in the broader coaching market, as coaches turn to creating custom software solutions to enhance their business and gain a competitive edge.

Currently “on the Studio floor” here at Braindance our talented team of software developers and engineers are building out (amongst other things):

  • A personal development app for kids & teenagers that incorporates best-in-class coaching, goal setting, and accountability baked into a gamified app with personalized avatars for the coaches and users and some cool augmented reality elements…which will launch globally at the end of this year backed up by the likes of Mr Worldwide himself, Pitbull and an OG of Rock & Roll – Alice Cooper.
  • An AI-powered SaaS content & copy creation tool for one of the UK’s leading affiliate marketing coaches that will roll out to their thousands of clients and help them diversify their revenue streams. 
  • A mobile game that helps school-age children to learn in a unique world that will be rolled out across several schools and centers in Europe.

Here’s the thing, the coaching industry is booming, with a whopping global market size of over $9 Billion (and growing) for just Executive Coaching alone. 

And as the industry becomes more saturated, competition is getting tougher than ever. So it’s no surprise that coaches are looking for a solution that gives them a major edge, and turning to custom software to achieve it. 

In this blog post, I’ll explore how custom software can help coaches set themselves apart in the crowded industry and take their business to the next level, together we will also explore some of the ideas and specific technologies that I believe will give the clients of coaches a better experience, enable coaches to scale their business and streamline their operations and give them a competitive edge against the competition. 

Let’s get into it, shall we…

Do coaches really need to invest in developing custom software for themselves and their clients?

The short answer is probably, yes… The slightly longer answer is probably, yes, coaches can benefit from investing in custom software, but it ultimately depends on their individual needs and goals. 

Custom software can provide a range of advantages, such as improved client experience, streamlined operations, and increased scalability. I will go into more detail of all these and more in just a minute.

However, coaches should carefully evaluate their business stage, financial resources, and expected return on investment before making the decision to invest in custom software.

For instance, coaches who are just starting and have a limited budget may not require custom software. In fact, there are a multitude of third-party tools out there that do what you will need them to do, most of them are low-cost, if not free.

In my experience, if you are just starting out and below around $10k a month in recurring revenue then it makes no sense to even consider designing, developing, and then launching a custom-developed piece of software. 

On the flip side of that, coaches who have an established business and want to grow may benefit from investing in custom software to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge (and you may like to check out our post on key considerations companies out to make before investing in new software).

It’s crucial to assess the potential benefits, costs, and risks associated with custom software development before making a final decision. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on the specific circumstances of each coach and their business.

However, if you are at that level in your business – it does make sense. 

So on that note let’s take a look at 

Some of the potential benefits of coaches creating custom software 

Improved Client Experience

Custom software can provide clients with a personalized experience that is tailored to their needs. For example, coaches can develop software that offers personalized training plans, tracks progress, and offers real-time feedback, giving clients a more engaging and effective experience.

Streamlined Operations

Custom software can help coaches streamline their business operations, making it easier to manage their clients, billing, and scheduling. For instance, coaches can develop software that automates administrative tasks, freeing up more time to focus on coaching and growing their business.

Increased Scalability

Custom software can help coaches scale their business by enabling them to handle more clients and offer new services. For example, coaches can develop software that offers group coaching or creates a community platform for clients to connect and support one another.

Additional Revenue Streams: 

Custom software can create new revenue streams for coaches, such as offering subscriptions or selling access to exclusive content. For instance, coaches can develop software that offers premium features for an additional fee, such as personalized nutrition plans or access to live coaching sessions.

Competitive Edge

Custom software can differentiate coaches from their competition by offering unique features and services that set them apart. For example, health coaches and personal trainers can develop software that integrates with wearable technology, tracks sleep patterns, or offers mental health coaching, giving them a competitive advantage in the market.

So as you can see, coaches can benefit from various existing and emerging technologies that can help them deliver better services, streamline their operations, and stand out in a crowded market. 


What technologies should coaches consider using? 

Here’s some of my suggestions:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI can help coaches analyze client data and generate personalized training plans, nutritional recommendations, and feedback. For instance, coaches can use AI-powered chatbots to provide clients with real-time feedback and support.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR can create immersive and interactive experiences that engage clients and enhance their learning. For example, coaches can develop AR-powered training apps that provide clients with visual and audio cues to perform exercises correctly.

Web-Based Tools

Web-based tools can help coaches manage their business operations and client interactions from anywhere. For instance, coaches can use web-based platforms to schedule appointments, track client progress, and offer remote coaching sessions.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR can create simulated environments that immerse clients in a training or coaching experience. For example, coaches can use VR to provide clients with guided meditation or visualization exercises that help them achieve their goals.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology can track client data, such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and exercise performance, and provide coaches with valuable insights. For instance, coaches can use wearable technology to monitor client progress and adjust training plans accordingly.

However, as already mentioned, coaches should explore using technologies and creating software that align with their business goals and their clients’ needs. Not just jumping on the newest shiny thing. 

Custom software: the missing piece in your coaching business puzzle

As someone who believes in personal development, sees the value in coaching itself, not to mention having been involved in the industry directly for a few years, I can strongly say yes it is worthwhile for coaches to invest into developing specific custom software to gain a competitive edge, offer a better experience to their clients and parents and potentially diversify their revenue streams only if they have their revenue and cash flow in place, the infrastructure to deliver and maintain the software itself and the audience and client pool to facilitate a strong launch. 

If you’re interested in exploring how custom software can give you a competitive edge no matter the industry you work in or the role you have. Feel free to book a complimentary 15-minute call with me directly by clicking here.

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