A Tech Renaissance: Why Poland (& Braindance Studio) is your Go-To Partner for Revolutionary Software Development

A Tech Renaissance: Why Poland (& Braindance Studio) is your Go-To Partner for Revolutionary Software Development

As an Englishman who has lived in Poland for the past several years, one of the biggest questions I almost always get asked is…


Why Poland? 


Realistically I could list a hundred reasons, my wife is Polish, I love the country. its people are phenomenal, the food is delicious, and (this one is a biggie) here you get proper weather seasons (I don’t miss the London drizzle). Aside from those one of the big reasons is the opportunities and tech talent Poland has to offer. 


And it’s not only me who thinks that way. 


In fact, in the last couple of decades businesses, especially in the tech and IT sectors, have caught on to Poland’s incredible potential for growth, attracting top talent and boosting their bottom line. 


The IT industry alone contributes around 8% to Poland’s GDP and provides employment to over 430,000 individuals. More than that, Poland stands as the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe, commanding a whopping 30% share of the total GDP in the region.


Poland’s rise as a booming tech hub can be credited to a simple yet important reason: its prime location in Europe. Thanks to this, the country has become a convenient base for businesses aiming to connect with clients, partners, and employees in both EU and non-EU countries.


Certainly for us that case has been proven over and over again as we forge alliances with partners and clients from the UK to Italy, the US to Asia Pacific regions. 


But it’s not just startup software houses and small players who are taking advantage of this prime location. 


As of 2022, big tech players like Google, Samsung, Facebook, Amazon, and Intel have all set up shop in Polish cities. Meanwhile, Microsoft has exciting plans to invest a whopping one billion euros into a data center near Warsaw, complete with access to local cloud services. Not to be outdone, Google is making waves with its two billion US dollar Cloud Data Hub in Warsaw, marking its first-ever development center of this kind in Europe. And let’s not forget about Google for Start-Ups, which found its home in Warsaw in 2015, attracting over 100,000 start-ups and community members.


But the location alone is not the only reason why Poland rocks when it comes to a favourable business environment for tech development, and here’s why:


  • Super Skilled Tech Workforce.

Poland has a ton of talented tech pros. The education system here focuses on STEM subjects, churning out a steady flow of top-notch graduates to meet industry needs.


  • Budget-Friendly Talent. 

Compared to other European countries, Poland offers great bang for your buck when it comes to tech talent. You can hire skilled professionals without breaking the bank, making it a hotspot for outsourcing and investment.


  • Tech Infrastructure on Point.

Poland has invested big time in its tech infrastructure, with top-notch telecommunications networks and lightning-fast internet. That means smooth sailing for operations and seamless communication.


  • Government’s Got Your Back.

I won’t get into politics (here at least) but for sure the Polish government has your back with sweet initiatives. They’ve cooked up tax incentives, grants, and funding for research and development, creating a perfect breeding ground for innovation.


  • EU Market Access.

Poland’s EU membership means access to a massive and thriving market. You can tap into the EU’s friendly regulations, trade agreements, and a network of potential clients and partners.


  • Startup Mania.

From Warsaw to the world – Poland’s startup scene is buzzing. There are cool incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces popping up left and right, giving startups the support they need to win. 


  • Collaboration Galore.

Poland loves collaboration. They’re all about bringing together academia, research institutions, and businesses. This teamwork fosters knowledge-sharing, innovation, and mind-blowing tech development.


Put it all together, and you’ve got Poland as the ultimate destination for tech development. It’s no wonder both local and international companies are flocking here to set up shop!


The Braindance group of companies combines a prime location with a rich history of successfully developing and delivering applications in the emerging tech space


From our flagship software development house (Braindance Studio), to our one-stop shop for all things hardware (Braindance Store) to our newest venture Braindance Academy (which is arguably one of the most innovative, disruptive, and ambitious projects I have ever worked on) – we are primed for success. 


Which is exactly the reason why our many clients and partners from all over the world decide to work with us.


Take for example one of Italy’s (and Europe’s) leading event companies, where we were tasked with creating an innovative solution to link the physical world with the digital one and allow users to have the best of both worlds while attending fashion and design events (view the case study here)


Of course, it’s not only companies, institutions, and organizations outside of Poland that make the smart choice to use our services to build out game-changing applications and tools. Take for example Minero from NMT Warsaw, you can see their case study here


If you are considering reaping the benefits of outsourcing to Poland, maybe you have questions about emerging technologies and how they can benefit your company, or simply want to create a world-class application on time, on budget, and deliver mouth-dropping results contact us now

Pete Dunn

Braindance Group CEO

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